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Choose ONE area from Section 1 (overview) and start to get more specific. By writing down the target markets, each members would then be more effective in getting the desired referals for their fellow members. Partial- sun plants can be directly exposed from five to six hours, but then need at least partial shade for the rest of the day. But, in many other cases, your client will not even know they have a problem, and you will need to educate them on the problem they have. In order to effective in this area, you will need to plan your marketing strategy. This way your “marketing team” will understand better, remember better, and be clearer on the different target markets required for each aspect of your business. Lone wolves that only listen to themselves and prefer to work alone won’t have a long life inside a company, where good team dynamics are critical and must thrive. The strategy is to sytematically train your “marketing team” in one area of your business.

It is a revolutionizing product that is changing the face of business management while it reduces waste and increases customers through marketing that works. The tide of contemporary business culture is turning away from traditional customer relationship management software, which is expensive to install and maintain, and opting for web or hosted relationship management instead. Build a relationship with them first, asking the key questions, learn their pain points, and THEN set up a second meeting that specifically addresses their most pressing needs. This means that each step in the sales letter process must build on the reader’s emotions to a point where they are motivated to take action. Knowing just these few differences will show you that having the choice, the NLP sales training makes a huge difference in sales performance. The magic sauce to closing the transaction is knowing how to ask probing questions, sit back and LISTEN.

A good salesperson knows how to ask the right questions, that will help them get to the meat of learning their client’s real pain points. In order to learn your client’s pain points, you have to start by asking them what they think their pain points are. The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs have is having “diarrhea of the mouth”, when it comes to peddling their product. This comes as a shock to those who are wishing to purchase the car of their dreams but have a credit history which does not allow them to do so. You have all of these tools but your context is wrong. Any property owner who owns a decent size apartment building will not just pass of the responsibility to a company that doesn’t have a license. This is very obvious, yet you will find members skipping this section of the sales manager minute. Do not try to cover everything at once in your sales manager minute. End your Sales Manager Minute presentation with a powerful memory hook.

All major companies use taglines and your memory hook is just like a tagline. In his book, “Seven Seconds Marketing”, Dr Ivan Misner shared 7 different types of Memory Hooks. Memory hooks can be in different forms with different functions. If these multi-millionaire companies see the value in memory hooks, why shouldn’t you? The more powerful your memory hook, the more it will be in the minds of your “Marketing Team”. I like this one as it is more specific in the action required and the result desired. Then design a promotion strategy to target one specific segment of your target market per month (or whatever period that is appropriate to you). “This week, I want you to look out for …… (specific situation), if you see …… (someone in the specific situation) ……tell them that you have a friend who can ……(provide a specific solution/ benefit). Not once did I say: look at this cool feature or functionality of our product, or pull out my demo.

A salesperson’s first instinct is to pull out a demo of their product and start talking about all the bells and whistles built into the features and functionalities of that product. Also, remember to discuss the benefits of your products, not the features. Once they understand it, then move on to the next area. If customers have to pay for the calls, then they will be disinclined to call, because calls to customer support departments are notorious for their long waiting periods. After identifying your target market, you will have to break them into different segments. Your members will become confused with the information overload. Successful world class chapters hand out a “Listen for Referral” sheet to their members to record down the call for actions of members. Would it be okay if I get him/her to call you? 1MM a year on traditional market research, and we can get you 10x better insights for only 10% of the price?